Rolling Mill Service has invented a new design of lubrication oil tank, that prevents aeration and frothing of the oil. This was put into service at LKAB, Malmberget, Sweden, in November 1999. Our concept with a special cassette system in order to eliminate the problems has proved to be very well functioning and, therefore, we would like to present this solution.

  • Our system can be used for central lubrication of all gearboxes available on the market
  • Hydraulic systems (e.g. hydrostatic bearings, where aeration is common)
  • Cooling systems (e.g. cooling water with a special mixture)


  • More efficient lubrication increasing the life of the gears
  • Increased life of the pumps

The tank installed at LKAB, Malmberget, is an 800 l tank made of stainless steel with a cassette system that can be modified as required. Installation of our cassette system in existing oil tanks is quite possible, also in large oil lubrication systems, for instance for wire rod blocks, without rebuilding the system.